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The benefits of working with Woby

Cheaper than an extra employee

Woby is the tireless extra employee who neverdisappoints. The perfect support for your team. Your business operations will be more efficient because your staff will have to walk less, there will be no more wrongly taken orders and orders can be served faster.

Present on all tables and rooms at the same time

Less pressure on you to keep an eye on all guests. More time for real hospitality. Impatient guests who have to wait to place an order are a thing of the past.

Less pressure for staff

Your staff knows exactly where to serve the order and incorrectly taken orders are a thing of the past, even at the busiest times. Your staff is therefore less concerned with taking an order and more with serving their guests in a hospitality way.

Woby easily connects to your own POS system and printer(s). So you don't have to invest in extra equipment and can get started within one day.

More satisfied guests

With Woby, guests have more freedom of choice and make the hospitality visit a fun and welcoming experience. This leads to more satisfied guests, who like to come back. After all, hospitality is central to the hospitality industry!

More sales.

Guests will order faster and more often, as they can do so at any time. Your employees can therefore focus more on upsell and guest experience. Because guests can order via multiple channels, a dish or drink is served more often. This ensures more contact moments, which stimulates personal contact. The operation can therefore give more attention to a personal experience.


Woby's employees know what they are talking about and are easy to approach. Doyou have a question or do you want to know more about the possibilities? Leave your details via the form below or contact us via tel. 085 – 888 07 56 or e-mail contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you.