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Frequently asked questions

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Do guests need to download an app?

No, guests do not need to download an app from the app store to order. Woby works entirely without an app and can be opened directly via the browser of the guests.

I mainly have older guests, can they easily use Woby?

Yes, if older guests can take a picture (for example of their grandchildren) they can certainly also take a picture of the QR code because woby is that easy. The older guests like it and are proud to show others that they can order via their own phone.

Is a integration with my point of sale (POS) needed?

No, even without a POS/PMS integration, Woby ensures that the (existing) bar and kitchen printer are controlled in the right way. The app runs stand-alone, or connected to your POS system. We look together at what fits best and easiest in your situation and we don't leave until it works.

Woby has the advantage that it can be integrated to almost any POS system. If you work with a POS system with which Woby does not yet have integrated, it can be made.

Are there any requirements for my Wi-Fi network or internet?

No, Woby works entirely via the mobile 4g/5g network of all providers such as Vodafone, T-mobile or KPN. Woby does not depend on routers or other (firewall) settings. For example, in some cases where there is no good 4g/5g coverage for guests, we mention the Wi-Fi network with the QR code.

How much employee costs can I save?

Woby is happy to calculate the savings together with you. The average saving of, for example, 2 part-time employees depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The number of districts and runners that are deployed on average over a year.
  • Whether you are going to use Woby as a replacement or as support.
  • Whether you want to make available the full menu or for example, only drinks.

In addition, Woby is a valuable addition to your team to optimally serve the guests. Woby is the extra team member who is available 24/7 and never calls in sick.

Will my kitchen become overloaded if all guests order via Woby at the same time?

No, not at all. The time you gain to take orders by employees, can now be used to serve correctly. Our experience tells us that guests don't mind waiting a little longer for the order to be served. However, guests do find it annoying if they have to wait to pass on an order. With Woby you no longer have guests who are overlooked, you do not miss out on sales and you literally make the efficiency improvement that your guests are waiting for.

Is the payment function mandatory and what are the possible transaction costs?

No, you can turn the online payment function on or off per QR code. The transaction costs can optionally be charged in full or in part to the guests via Woby. The current transaction costs can be found via

A bulk discount is possible via Woby, please feel free to contact Woby for the most up-to-date possibilities. Please note, you can choose not to use the online payment function and let guests build up an bill via the regular way.

How does the hospitality order app work?

Guests scan the QR code with their phone, view the online menu, order and pay themselves on the terrace, from the beach bed or the hotel room. So you can spend more personal time and attention on your guests.

Do guests need to scan a QR code?

No, guests can also use the Woby order app without a QR code scanner. There are three options.

  • Option 1: from the photo camera of the smartphone you scan the QR code and you enter directly into the online menu of the Woby order app.
  • Option 2: gasten who cannot scan a QR code have the option to enter a webcode that is listed on the table via This also gives them direct access to the digital menu and can start ordering.
  • Option 3: There is a possibility to have a number of tablets with the order app ready. These can be handed out when someone does not have a smartphone.

How does Woby deal with unexpected table changes?

Depending on the current work processes, Woby has different solutions when guests (unexpectedly) move down to another table. Contact Woby and we will choose the best solution together.

Is a hospitality order app suitable for my company?

A hospitality order app can be used at almost all types of hospitality companies in the middle and upper segment. Order apps can be used at restaurants with various concepts, lunchrooms, terraces, hotels, meeting rooms, bowling and other recreation sectors. During a free and personal consulation, we are happy to assess the best solution that suits your company. This way you are quickly informed of what an ordering system can do for your company.

Does a hospitality order app fit my business philosophy?

In the hospitality industry, hospitality and service are of course central. Hospitality ordering apps are the perfect addition in that area, but not the guideline. The philosophy of your company will not change with this. The goal is to serve the guest hospitably in every possible way. Guests want freedom of choice and to be able to decide for themselves when they order. 

Woby therefore immediately delivers an improved guest experience. With Woby, hospitality entrepreneurs are responding to the increasing need for convenience and flexibility of the consumer, namely ordering and paying when the guest wants without having to wait for the waiter, maître or other team member. 

With Woby, the guest is given the freedom of choice to pass on an order to the waiter orally or via Woby. The guest experiences a feeling of optimal service while the hospitality entrepreneur sees his efficiency and turnover increase in the meantime. The up & cross sell opportunities in Woby also provide more sales.

Will I lose contact with my guests with a hospitality order app?

Not at all! The opposite is true. Because guests are part of the ordering process, it can actually enhance the personal contact moments. The maître has more time for the well-being of the guests, serving drinks and dishes or for a personal chat. Furthermore, Woby has features where the guest can place a service request the touch of a button. Your guests no longer have to wait for the service or bill.

How can I upsell when I use a hospitality order app?

Upselling is very simple with the Woby order app. We can set up the Woby order app in such a way that the app will actively ask whether guests want cheese with wine or prefer to order a carafe instead of three glasses of wine. When guests order a main course with a sauce of their choice, they can do this completely independently due to the user-friendliness of the app.

How much extra revenue do I generate with Woby?

Guests will order faster and more often with Woby, as guests can do so at any time. Guests no longer have to wait for the maître. In addition, the team members can focus more on the upsell and well-being of the guests. Because guests can order through multiple channels, there are more contact moments in which a snack or drink can be ordered. Woby is happy to calculate the expected increase in turnover together with you. The average increase in turnover depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Whether you are going to use Woby as a replacement or as additional support of the waiter?
  • Whether you want to make the full menu available or, for example, guests can only order drinks via Woby.
  • The visibility of the QR code and how Woby is made known to the guests from employees.
  • Whether you use the Woby up & cross sell tools.

Standard dependencies such as weather and holidays are included in this calculation of the average extra turnover per year. In addition, we would like to bring you contact with our existing customers in your area. The reason is simple, all these hospitality entrepreneurs all say that they have literally made MORE turnover through Woby. And much more importantly, have many more smiling satisfied guests.


Is your question not listed here? Please feel free to contact us. This can be done via the telephone number 003185-8880756 or send an email to