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Independent help with your choice of POS system supplier

Honest and expert advice for the best choice.

Woby's employees know through years of experience in the hospitality industry exactly which POS systems there are and what each system has to offer.

We have seen that many entrepreneurs in the hospitality, leisure and hospitality industry pay for functions that they do not actually use. We think that's a shame and that's why we're happy to help you make a good choice between all POS system (Point of Sale) suppliers. We are an independent party, give you honest advice and help you save on your costs.

A POS system that suits you

Get 4 free quotes and save up to 40%.

Do you need a new or different POS system or do you want to know if your current system is still sufficient? Which system and supplier is most suitable for you depends on many factors.

Do you no longer see the forest for the trees because of the many differences? We are happy to help you by creating a path through this forest and mapping out all the possibilities and benefits for you. This way you can make a good POS system choice.

So contact us now. You will then receive up to 4 free quotes, can view the proposals quietly and save up to 40% on costs.

Our approach

In 3 clear steps help with your checkout choice.

For every hospitality entrepreneur, reservations, table settings and orders per table are important. You want to:

  • streamline your work processes,
  • reduce administrative burdens,
  • reduce the risk of errors,
  • increase sales,
  • reliably store transaction data and
  • optimally serve your guests.

A good POS system is of great importance. We help you with this in 3 clear steps:

  1. Together with you, we determine the most important starting points for your choice of POS system.
  2. Based on these principles, we make a selection of possible POS systems.
  3. You will receive an advisory report from us including prices.

Starting points for your choice of POS system

Find out what your business really needs now.

In the first step, we determine together with you what the most important starting points are for your choice of POS system. Among other things, we look at the following components.


Digital POS systems offer many more possibilities than the old mechanical or analogue cash registers and are constantly being expanded. For example, you can also choose the location of your POS system:

  • In the cloud. This allows you to use your POS system anywhere, anytime and via any platform. All you need is an internet connection and you don't need to install anything. This allows you to save on costs.
  • Internally at your ownlocation. Do you want a system completely in-house and precisely tailored to your needs? Then you can install the POS system, possibly via an ICT company, at your own location.
  • Hybrid POS system. If you want the best of both worlds, a hybrid POS system is the best option. You decide for yourself what you put in the cloud and what at your own location.


Of course you want the best of the best, but also at any price? We help you to find a good balance between your wishes and the associated costs. Among other things, we look at the following factors:

  • The number of locations where a POS system should be located.
  • The type of hardware (for example, an iPad or a Windows touchscreen).
  • The number of handhelds, pin terminals, bar and kitchen printers.
  • The requirements and functionalities of the POS system.
  • The service agreement with the vendor.


To avoid paying for features you don't use anyway, we look at the functionalities you need, such as:

  • tafelplattegronden,
  • pay on account or split accounts,
  • Stock
  • bestelsysteem,
  • Kitchen Monitor System (KMS),
  • tapautomatisering,
  • barcodescanning,
  • omzetrapportage.


In addition to your POS system, you probably also use one or more other systems in your company. Think of systems for:

  • accounting,
  • (hotel) reservations,
  • Payments
  • interactive orders,
  • keukenmanagement,
  • managementinformatie,
  • music system,
  • personnel management,
  • tapautomatisering.

We investigate which integrations are necessary and desired for you and which POS systems offer this.

Need help with your choice of POS system?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you choose the best POS system? Leave your details via the contactpage or contact us via tel. 085 – 888 07 56 or e-mail contact us for a free demo or personal consultation.