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Join the revolution

Irritated guests due to long wait before they can order. A well-known problem that is getting worse with the current staff shortage.

By Ruud Hontele
Written on 16 August 2021

Time for a revolution

Woby helps with the QR Code Order App, but for that we need progressive catering entrepreneurs. Woby believes in a revolution within the catering industry. In a time of high service expectations and a growing staff shortage, change is needed. Unfortunately, a big change also generates a lot of resistance.

Be progressive

Show us that it can easily be done differently

Who will help us bring about the revolution? We want to show catering entrepreneurs that the guest can easily be in charge of when and how often he/she places an order. Very easy, from the comfort of your chair via a QR Order Code on their own mobile.

Three conditions are required for any substantial change: a plan, an executor, and a disaster. For example, we built the Afsluitdijk, and in this way we will have to show the catering industry that the guest WILL and CAN have the choice of whether to pass on the order orally or via the Woby QR Order App!