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The best alternative to

We cannot pay enough attention to it, the way in which works is unhealthy for the catering industry.

By Ruud Hontele
Written on 9 September 2021

Commissions too high

The high commission (between 10% and 15%!) plus the transaction costs per Ideal payment are (partly) borne by the consumer. This makes it almost impossible for the catering entrepreneur to monitor the quality of dishes and at the same time remain affordable.

Food should be tasty and fresh, right? You would therefore think that the restaurant with, for example, the tastiest and freshest pizza is at the top. Unfortunately, this does not work in practice, because someone who pays enough to is simply at the top.

80% of the clicks on the first 5

This means that the restaurants that pay the most to be at the top get almost all the clicks. Because they pay so much to be at the top and "live" from home delivery orders, this often does not benefit the price / quality ratio. does not aim to easily have a tasty meal delivered to your home. It's all about making a profit. Restaurant owners suffer from this and the consumer pays the price. Literally and figuratively. Because let's face it, we all know that soggy, overpriced meal that was so disappointing.

With, for example, your own ordering website in combination with a QR ordering system. Woby provides affordable solutions so that you as a catering entrepreneur can again focus on quality and customer satisfaction.