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Hospitality Staff shortage

A hot item, every month we see dozens of articles in the media about the staff shortage in the catering industry. One article in particular caught our eye this month.

By Ruud Hontele
Written on 21 September 2021

Extreme measures

When we saw the headline below on the Social Media channel of the Eindhovens Dagblad, we had mixed feelings. On the one hand, it shows how dire the staff shortage in the catering industry actually is at the moment, and how much entrepreneurs are at a loss. On the other hand, it indicates that solutions are being sought in the wrong direction. Because why invest so much in a short-term solution such as an expensive holiday as a lure?

Woby tackles a few causes.

We do not claim that we can solve the staff shortage in the catering industry. But our smart digital solutions can certainly give the modern catering entrepreneur a hand.

Lighten the workload for your staff

Working in the hospitality industry is synonymous with long days and continuous running to keep up with everything. Woby has various solutions for your operating staff to remove part of this workload (read stress). For example, take a look at our Order App or Order Column. This way you give guests the opportunity to place an order themselves. This, in combination with seamless integrations within your current systems, contributes to a pleasant working environment that is experienced as less stressful.

Not just for wait staff

Smart digital systems such as an Order App or Order kiosk not only relieve the pressure for your operating staff. Also in the kitchen, the staff will quickly notice that orders come in more clearly. Entrepreneurs who already use our systems indicate that the lead times have become considerably shorter.

Top it off with a custom cash register system

In addition to its smart digital solutions, Woby also offers honest and professional advice about POS systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in the hospitality industry, we can also provide the best advice for a cash register system for your situation. Well-integrated systems in combination with smart digital solutions that are up to date ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is pleasant for you as an entrepreneur, but above all for your staff. They will have more time to really focus on hospitality and quality instead of running and keeping lists, isn't that what the hospitality industry is all about?